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1:537 Refit Interior Photoetch Set by Paragrafix

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1:537 Refit Enterprise Engine Grills by Paragrafix
Part Number: PGX216
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537 Refit Interior Photoetch Set 1/537 scale

For the classic 1/537 scale USS Enterprise from “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”. This 0.01” thick photoetched brass set includes three interior spaces of the ship: the officers lounge, the arboretum, and the shuttle bay.

The lounge and arboretum also include window frames to help make these areas visible. The lounge also includes in-scale seating.

The shuttle bay includes replacements for the ship’s transom (with through etched areas suitable for lighting*) and retracted door sections.

All three rooms include provisions for overhead lighting*.

Also included are five jigs to help position main components of the ship (primary hull, dorsal, secondary hull, warp engines, and pylons) properly.

* Electronics not included.

FOR KIT: AMT1080, AMT S970 and other classic releases

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