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5 PACK 0402 SMD YELLOW Pre-Wired with LEAD WIRES and resistors

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0603 SMD Pre-Wired YELLOW 5 Pack
Part Number: IN0288
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Perfect for adding lighting to really small models or tight spaces that any other light source can’t fit.
5 PACK 0402

These are the smallest light source we offer and are just like the head of a pencil... they are that small!  If you think soldering normal size SMDs are difficult soldering these is just about impossible without specialized equipment.  Our pre soldered units take all the work out of it!  0402 SMD units are very small and difficult to solder!  Each unit comes with pre-soldered micro litz wired leads attached on the back of the unit with both leads laying flat and coming off the SMD in the same direction.  Each unit comes with a resistor for 12v operation (not pre-soldered) and wire leads about six to seven inches long. 

  • Size: 0402 SMD LED (about 1.0 x 0.5mm)
  • Wire leads are about 6-7 inches in length
  • Forwarding Voltage Resistored (included): 12v
  • Forward Voltage non resistored: 2.2v max
  • Forwarding Current (typ/max): 20mA
  • DC Operation
  • Light Color: YELLOW

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