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5 PACK 0603 SMD ORANGE Pre-Wired with LEAD WIRES

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0603 SMD Pre-Wired ORANGE 5 Pack
Part Number: IN0276
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Perfect for adding lighting to really small models or tight spaces that any other light source can’t fit.
Feature: Not all colors available may be represented in video.
5 PACK 0603

Soldering SMDs is very difficult, but these pre-wired units take all the work out of it!  0603 SMD units are very small and difficult to solder!  Each unit comes with pre-soldered micro litz wired leads attached on the back of the unit with both leads laying flat and coming off the SMD in the same direction.  Each unit comes with a resistor for 12v operation (not pre-soldered) and wire leads about six to seven inches long. 

  • Size: 0603 SMD LED (about 1.5 x 0.8mm)
  • Wire leads are about 6-7 inches in length
  • Forwarding Voltage Resistored (included): 12v
  • Forward Voltage non resistored: 2.2v max
  • Forwarding Current (typ/max): 20mA
  • DC Operation
  • Light Color: ORANGE

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