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537 Scale Refit/A Bridge Replacement Part from the Ron Headley Parts Collection by HDAMODELWORX

Designed by long time studio model researcher and 3d artist, Ron Headley, this replacement bridge, for the AMT 537 Scale USS Enterprise Model kit, is highly accurate and detailed.  Complete with all the major details seen on the studio model.  This bridge comes with inscale accurate side panels, fine line vents, line etching, dome details including the correct size and slope, docking port, and docking lights.  Many details are difficult to achieve at this scale, but have been designed based upon how the studio model details would scale down to 537 scale in size.  We did not compromise by enlarging detail out of scale.

This bridge part has been designed to replace the kit part and is an extremely close representation, at this scale, to the original bridge of the studio model. Complete with as accurate as possible details that have been painstakingly reproduced as closely to scale as possible.  This bridge even has all the correct slope and angles necessary to give the modeler the correct look to make their build of the USS Enterprise in 537 scale a highly accurate representation of the ship we all love from the movies!

Designed as a replacement for the AMT/Round2 537 Scale USS Enterprise NCC-1701 and NCC-1701-A model kit.

Thank you for using 537 scale refit replacement parts for your model build! 

More 537 Scale Refit parts are on the way.  Each highly accurate as possible!

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