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Nautlilus Photoetch Set by Paragrafix for Pegasus Hobbies kit #9120

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Nautlilus Photoetch Set
Part Number: PGX173
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Add a lot of details and visual interest to the interior of Pegasus Hobbies’ Nautilus model.  Large, well molded windows make the salon a focal point of this excellent kit, and this detail set enhances the already wonderful details.

The Salon is updated with:
  • Ceiling tiles that allow for easy lighting. (Easy LED from ParaGrafix is an excellent light source for this kit.)
  • ”Anti-collision” louvers for the salon windows which help cover some “dead” space in the kit.
  • Two coffee tables.
  • Railings for the windows.
  • Victorian style arm chair for the desk.
  • Stylized “N” emblem for the pipe organ.
  • Enhanced ceiling beams based on the design of an English Victorian greenhouse.
A wheelhouse is included to add depth and dimension behind the large navigation windows near the bow. The wheelhouse includes:
  • Easy to fold deck and bulkheads with through holes for lighting.
  • A deck hatch that can be displayed open or closed.
  • A ladder leading down into the bowels of the boat.
  • Two ships wheels.
  • In addition, photoetched hatch handles and open limber holes are included for the exterior.
FOR KIT: Pegasus #9120

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