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Standard Car Lighting System for any 1:25 Scale Model Car by TENACONTROLS

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Standard Car Lighting System for any 1:25 Scale Model Car
Part Number: CARL-BB
Availability: In Stock.
Standard Car Lighting System for any 1/25 Scale Model Car

This board can be used on any 1/25 scale model car and bring it to life.  Features include: daytime driving lights on high beams, left and right directional rear brake light function, rear back up lights, hazard lights, automatic mode*

We've wired the 12 volt battery holder and micro On/Off slide switch which turns the car light board on or off to the board for your convenience. You just need plug in the 8 wire JST connector into the mating connector on the board and connect the LED's to their corresponding wire coming from the 8 wire JST connecter.

The magnetic reed switch allows you to toggle through all the light modes, just by using the enclosed supplied magnet. This feature allows for the car to stay intact, no holes for a momentary switch (on plastic model cars)

What's included:
  • One (1) fully assembled board - just connect the LED's.
  • One (1) battery clip for 12 volt battery and 12 v battery.
  • One (1) on/off switch wired to the board.
  • One (1) magnetic reed  switch.
  • One (1) magnet.
  • Shrink tubing.
  • Red, Orange and White LED's.
  • Miniature 8 wire JST connector.
  • Best warranty in the business - 5 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
*Automatic mode - all the above light modes are cycled through automatically, pausing for a short time on each light mode to enjoy the function before moving on to the next mode.
(model kit not included)

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