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Star Wars Republic Star Destroyer Model Kit by Revell

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Star Wars Rogue One Imperial Star Destroyer Model Kit
Part Number: REVELL 85-6458
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Star Wars™ Republic Star Destroyer™

Product ID: 85-6458

Description: Clone Wars capital ship

With each month that goes by during the Clone Wars, the Republic rapidly finds itself confronted with the problem of developing ever more powerful weapons in order to counter the apparently inexhaustible resources of the Separatists. Hopes rest on the Venator-Class ship. They are derived from the ships of the Acclamator-Class that were used at the beginning of the Clone Wars. In particular, they have an absolutely devastating arsenal of weapons and an improved take-off system for the Starfighters. Kit features fully detailed engines and conning tower assembly.


  • Skill level 4
  • Length: 19-13/16"
  • Wingspan: 9-5/8"
  • Height: 4-13/16"
  • Parts: 74

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