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The Moonlander 1/350th scale model kit model kit by Pegasus Hobbies

The Moonlander 1/350th scale model kit model kit by Pegasus Hobbies

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The Moonlander 1/350th scale model kit by Pegasus Hobbies

Box Description:
Pegasus Hobbies is proud to bring you the "Moonlander" spacecraft model kit!  Concieved in 1952 by the renowned German rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun, this ambitious early concept design was to be the first spaceship to land on the moon, and so much more.

The mission called for using three Moonlander vehicles equipped to transport over 50 Astronauts, engineers and technicians, as well as fuel and supplies for a siz-week exploration of the moon at Sinus Roris in 1977.  These multi-sectional spacecraft would be assembled over an eight month period at a 1730 km altitude orbit around the earth, involving over 360 missions.

At 3964 metric tons, a height of over 49 meters and a diameter of 33 meters each, these enormous spacecraft would pave the way for man's journey into the solar system.

Relive the awe and excitement of the early space program with this highly detailed and faithful recreation of on of the most iconic and ambitious designs ever conceived.

Kit includes: One spacecraft in two hundred and twenty two pieces in gray plastic with decal sheet.
Pegasus Hobbies: #9109
1:350 Scale plastic model kit
Includes parts to build either crew or cargo transport versions

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