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USS RELIANT 1:537 Scale Photoetch Set

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USS RELIANT photoetch set
Part Number: PGX159
Availability: In Stock
Feature: For Polar Lights Model Kit #4204 and POL808
Add the missing windows to the updated version of the 1:537 scale USS Reliant kit from AMT.

But the windows are just the beginning … also included in this set are:

Officers' lounge windows
  • Easily assembled replacement shuttle bays that include the distinctive edge lighting
  • Grooves for the rear hull corners that are easy to light AND curve into shape
  • Detailed docking port for the bridge deck
  • Impulse engine grills
  • Warp deflection crystal grills
  • Primary hull docking ports
  • Properly proportioned light holes for the fantail triangles
This set is designed and intended for the update release of the Reliant kit (part AMT667) not earlier ones that do not have the corrected hull thickness and other improvements. Some parts may work with the earlier releases, but cannot be guaranteed.


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